We Will Help You Start Selling the Way People Like to Buy

There are two reasons that people buy things. Either they want and need it or they like and trust you. In the game of sales it is incredibly important to master both the former and the latter. And Solifexo company aims to help you succeed in selling the way people like to buy.

Solifexo is a business development company that helps clients in many countries drive sales performance through the use of an innovative, vape oriented platform Vawoo.com.

How to gain customer’s trust? How to improve vape brand promotion? Where to buy premium vape juices and hardware? These are the most frequent questions our partners and their customers ask. And we got an answer satisfying all of them – Vawoo.

Our International website enables vendors to sell around the world as well as customers to buy from international vape shops being at home. And this is exactly what makes us one-of-a-kind. Vape audience will definitely appreciate the opportunity to purchase from our platform, and to choose the vape products from the most trusted suppliers. You as salespeople have to be prepared to deliver the maximum satisfaction each and every time you interact with your customers. Our team included everything needed to help you sell the way people value the most.

Something NEW. Vawoo is a totally new website on the international scene. It is not focused on a specific country with its national sellers and buyers only. Vawoo mostly consists of top leading vape brands from UK, US and Europe.

Only the BEST. Quality and trust are the most valued components in every purchase. This is why Solifexo is searching for cooperation with reliable vape brands only, able to bring satisfaction to their customers. The vapers will appreciate the richness of qualitative brands and products in a single place.

High services and support. The ease of use enables our partners to comfortably place their products on our platform, and the buyers to shop from it with no difficulty. Due to Vawoo design and functions, your online vape store will look very attractive, engaging new customers to visit it. The rest depends on you: the prices, special offers and discounts may bribe your visitors and persuade them to buy exactly from your store. Any complication you and your customers may come across will be resolved by our support center in the shortest time.

Being a part of our platform and selling your products on it, means you are one of the best vape brands. If you are selling for the way you like to buy, other people will buy from you.

As a result, you receive:

  • Innovative online vape store;
  • 30 day free trial at the startup of the platform;
  • Reasonable selling plans;
  • Wide target audience outreach;
  • High demand for your products;
  • Promotion system through banners on the platform, ratings and reviews, social media;
  • Direct interaction with your customers by means of inside (direct messages) and outside (e-mail) communication;
  • Increased income and unlimited revenue.

Successful businesses are made, not born. Are you ready to become successful with us?

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